The uStream TT1 The Ultimate Wireless Music System That Will Revolutionize Your Vinyl Experience.

Experience the pure joy of vinyl with the uStream TT1 Turntable. This sleek and stylish turntable is packed with features that will take your listening experience to new heights. With its AC power supply, you can trust that the uStream TT1 will deliver consistent and reliable performance. It supports both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm records, with an auto-stop feature that ensures smooth transitions between tracks.

Crafted with precision, the aluminium tone arm and platter guarantee exceptional sound quality. The Audio Technica AT91 moving magnet cartridge captures every subtle detail of your favourite records. But that’s not all – the uStream TT1 also comes equipped with a built-in PHONO pre-amp, allowing you to connect it directly to your speakers or amplifier without any hassle. Say goodbye to cumbersome setups! Worried about interference? Don’t be. The anti-interference coupling circuit ensures crystal-clear audio playback, free from any unwanted noise.

And here’s the cherry on top – wireless connectivity! The uStream TT1 features a Bluetooth transmitter, enabling seamless connection to your Bluetooth-enabled devices. With Bluetooth V5.1 technology and support for HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP profiles, you can enjoy wireless music streaming up to 10 meters or 33 feet away. Elevate your listening experience with the uStream TT1 Turntable – where timeless design meets cutting-edge technology. Rediscover the magic of vinyl like never before.

Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable


331/3 and 45 rpm with Auto-Stop

Aluminium tone arm & platter

Audio Technica AT91 moving magnet cartridge


Built-In PHONO pre-amp

Anti-interference coupling circuit


Top Panel Controls

Speed Rotary Selector (331/3 rpm – 45 rpm)

Bluetooth Pairing Button

Rear Panel Controls

Slide Switch for Pre-amplifier On/OFF selection for RCA jack output


Aluminum alloy


Aluminum alloy with anti-skate adjustment and adjustable counter-weight

Drive Transmission

Belt drive with auto rotation speed checking and correction 33Hz – 20KHz

Pick Up

Moving Magnetic Cartridge

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth A2DP wireless connection;

Bluetooth V5.1; Bluetooth Supports: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP profiles;

Bluetooth scope: 10meters or 33 feet

Analog Connectivity

RCA Left and Right


Built-in RIAA equalizer






AC power cord, spindle adaptor


(W x D x H) 440mm (175/16”) x 380mm (1415/16”) x 135mm  (55/16”)

Box: 535mm (211/16”) x 456mm (1715/16”) x 190mm (71/2”)


6.2kg (Gross box weight 6.9kg)

13lb 11oz (Gross box weight 15lb 4oz)